Revisiting a favourite

We hadn’t tied in a while (moving homes and all that this entails), and FredHatt wanted to revisit an old favourite to get back into it: the Kazami-style postman suspension. The full pose, as was taught to us by Kazami, involves a hair tie to secure the body upright, but we were both enjoying the below aesthetic and decided to go without it this time. I have to say, I like everything about this particular tie here, from the rope work to the dress (a fortunate choice), to the capture and head and foot pose.


We both believe that a key ingredient in progressing in rope is to revisit poses over and over again. We both learn every time we do this – me as a model because I learn how best to move and ‘feel’ inside the tie, and FredHatt as a rigger because the mechanics and the details of the tie become ever more clear to him.



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