‘I have an idea’

Some of FredHatt’s most fun ties come after this sentence. He thought it up on the bus on the way to BOUND last Friday, we tried it there but it was too dark for pictures so we gave it another quick go after Kinbaku Days on Sunday. The tie itself is very comfortable overall, except that the stem connecting the hip harness to the chest harness presses against the solar plexus making it difficult to breathe (*grin*) once the legs are raised off the ground. The hair tie just pushes the whole tie that extra mile. Once the full position is in place it is most definitely a ‘breath predicament/breath play’ sort of tie. I believe the tie can be made more or less strenuous by adjusting how tight the chest harness and ‘front stem’ are (or by making any number of other modifications).

1506336_1481711982075315_4378578255657956598_o  10497880_1481711985408648_1651390944624216042_o

In the end we ended up with a tie that has a bit of a ‘western’ aesthetic to it and it looks a bit like an upright hogtie. We think it looks and feels fantastic. We’ll definitely be playing with this one for a while.




  1. The first choice is in the breathing. It’s really difficult to breathe through the diaphragm due to the front rope, so you have to breathe slowly through the chest. You can also attempt to straighten the legs to take some of the load off, but it’s really hard on the thigh muscles.


    1. I was thinking recently that this could also be made ‘more interesting’ with a crotch rope and with one leg on the floor – in this case the predicament lies in keeping the leg straight to alleviate crotch pressure or bending leg to alleviate leg strain/cramping.


      1. I was thinking that if I tied the thighs together and ran the chest/ abdomen rope over the thigh rope as well, that there would be a huge curve to stretch the rope and restrict the breathing when taught. I would probably put the body in a face down hog tie so the model would have to lift her middle up to relieve the tension on the rope/breathing. This could be great fun :). Only problem is that sarah is not available this week 😦


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