Rope Lab: Edinburgh (Lab Time + Rope Play)

The opportunity has come up to lead a one-day intro to rope workshop in Edinburgh on Saturday October 18th and we’re quite excited about this. FredHatt is originally from Scotland, and spent his undergraduate years in Edinburgh. He was however never part of the rope community back then, so it will be fun to return for this occasion.

… And since we’re both scientists we obviously had to name this the ‘Rope Lab‘!

MissBones tied by FredHatt

Details can be found here.

The workshop is aimed at those who have barely tied before, but may also be of interest to technically minded people who want to know about the “why” as well as the “how”. We’ll start with single-column and double-column ties (with lots of rope nerdery about all the different types) and then move on to a basic box-tie, with emphasis on structure and technical stuff, before moving to what we’re calling ‘cerebral floor work’, or how to create random floor ties using the technical elements of the column ties and box-tie.

The aim is to combine the ‘technical’ with the ‘play’ and have lots of fun in the process. We want it to be quite an interactive day, especially in the afternoon, so bring all the ropeyness you’ve got in you!

The day ends ‘officially’ at 4:30pm but the space is open until 10pm, so you are welcome to stay longer at no extra cost. We’ll be on hand if you have more questions or are looking for advice.

And since we’ve been asked about this, yes, we can also do one-on-one sessions depending on what you are looking to learn. Message us to see if we can help.

We look forward to making new friends and having a very ropey time 🙂

FredHatt & MissBones.


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