Finally, a point!

It took us about 3 months of long talks with friends and colleagues to figure out the best way to go about safely and securely dangling a human from our ceiling. We ended up doing this ourselves after a few awkward moments with builders and handymen.

FredHatt: “We’d like to put a suspension point in the ceiling”
Builder: “… What will you be hanging?”
FredHatt: “Bodies. They need to not fall down.”
Builder: “…. Errmm..”
FredHatt: “Oh don’t worry – I mean like they’re alive. Actually it’s quite dynamic like they’ll be swinging around and so on!”
MissBones: *Facepalm*
Builder: “…” (Thinking, *sex swing.. it’s for a sex swing*)
The builder cancelled on us, and told us to “find someone else”. The next five builders also cancelled on us so we did a lot of research (seriously, we know more about ceilings now than we ever anticipated!) and asked a lot of friends about the best way to do it. It was a painful journey, there was dust and giant spiders, and some fights, an asbestos scare, and did I mention the dust? But we are happy and also proud to say last night the first point is finally up and ready for use! 🙂
Here are some pictures to document the last step of the adventure.

MissBones & FredHatt


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