Kilts, Kinoko and a Twisted performance night.

We’re not sure how this happened but we’re absolutely honoured to be performing during Kinoko’s visit to Scotland at the end of January. As some of you know, FredHatt grew up in a town just outside Glasgow, so obviously we are both elated to return to his roots for such an occasion.

Who knows, FredHatt might even persuaded to wear a kilt for it… ! 😉

Kinoko will be doing a week-long workshop (which sold out pretty much the minute it was announced!) organised by STORE. The performance night “Twisted” will take place January 31st and among the performers are the ever mesmerising Wykd Dave and Clover as well as Kinoko himself.

Kinoko’s work

For more on Kinoko and his work:

If you’re in town and looking for tickets, the link is here.


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