Thank you Glasgow!

We’re writing this on the train back from Glasgow after a fantastic evening of rope last night at Twisted. It was a short trip, we missed out on the 5 day workshop with Kinoko (time and money shortages..) but we were very lucky to have been invited up to perform along side Kinoko, Skinnyredhead and Wykd Dave & Clover.

The performances were nothing short of breathtaking. Wykd Dave & Clover were a pleasure to watch as always, we could watch them for hours, the rope, the movements, the smoothness of the rope handling, it’s like watching a dance. Just lovely.

Kinoko‘s performance was just utterly epic… He is well known for his modern style with the fast flashy ropes, and we had seen many of these videos online. What he had not witnessed was his more traditional style of rope performance, which is what he chose to present us with last night. It was simply stunning, his presence on stage, the intention with which he moved his rope and his model was simply inspiring. I think we both learned a lot just from watching that. Skinnyredhead was a great model and their interaction on stage worked really very well.

We were very nervous ourselves sharing the stage with these talented established performers but we were able to get through it and have fun on stage. FredHatt, to my utter delight agreed to wear his kilt, and I couldn’t resist wearing tartan patterned pants… ! 😉

There were no photos allowed at the event, but Jin Nawa the organiser from S.T.O.R.E. captured this teaser image from our show.

The venue was lovely and the people friendly, supportive and welcoming.

Thank you everyone!

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