What I liked about the 50 Shades of Grey movie (Yep, I said *liked*)


I’m going to be a bit subversive here and write about what I *liked* about the 50 Shades of Grey movie (not talking about the book here, just the movie), because there’s a lot of hate for it out there and most of it coming from people who haven’t seen the movie yet.

1. Consent. There was clearly work put into modifying the scenes from the book to put more emphasis on consent. The characters are actually smiling in alot of the ‘scenes’, Grey’s character always asks Ana if she is ok, if she wants it, if she wants him to continue etc, and Ana is much a stronger character than in the book. Although he clearly has issues, Grey’s character is not quite the controlling, manipulative man that he is in the books, they definitely toned that aspect down a lot.

2. Emphasis on female sexuality. There was clearly an emphasis on *her* sexual pleasure and experience which is refreshing to see in the big screen. There are 3 scenes (at least) where Grey goes down on Ana, and 0 where she goes down on him. There is equal amounts of nudity from both the male and female character. Also, she has a bit of a bush! (yay!)

3. Safe sex. That scene where he flips Ana around, is about to fuck her doggy style and rips the condom packet with his mouth…? that was cool.

4. Humour. It was funny. It’s a funny film! It’s silly and cheesy. Watching it in the movie theatre was a riot.

5. He stops when she says ‘no’. Not ‘red’, but ‘no’. Even though he has specifically asked her to use ‘red’, he responds to ‘no’ because he gets that this is her limit.

6. He only says ‘laters babe’ twice. No joke!

7. The ‘red room of pain’ is gorgeous, and I would like to play in it.

It’s not the best movie out there, but it’s not the worst either.

It’s definitely not the ‘abuse promoting’ monstrosity that most people think it is.

There was a visible effort to adapt the script as much as it could be adapted in order to portray BDSM in a positive light.


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