Moments like this

A few month ago we were contacted by a young girl from Lisbon, she said she would be swinging by London for a few days with her partner in August and wanted to do rope with FredHatt. She said it had been a while since she’s been tied and her most regular rigger (Pedro) was travelling so much these days she found herself with a bit of craving for some challenging rope.

We didn’t think very much of the message, at most it seemed like an unusual request, we replied and casually suggested she come along to our new studio and see what happens.

It was a Monday, after a long day, I think we were both feeling a bit mellow and quite unsure about doing rope with a stranger we’d only met over the internet. It would have been easy to cancel, easier still to not have replied the first time, many months ago. But we didn’t and at 7pm the doorbell rang.

I’m very glad we didn’t cancel, because it turns out we had one of those moments you tend to have when you’re involved in the rope scene where you meet these amazing people and make wonderful connections. The partner, P. asked to take photos, everyone consented, and he started snapping away while Fred started tying. A while later she was in the air and it was like magic. The young girl, S. was so strong and beautiful in Fred’s rope it was like watching a beautiful dance piece. The rope was challenging, and she was graceful in her suffering the whole way through.

There was silence during the whole evening apart from the clicking of P.’s camera, and when there was a pause, I could see it in his face, that look: the look of someone who just discovered a new reality, a new beauty previously unknown to him. It was his first time seeing rope, a glimpse of what rope is, of what it can be, and the strength and beauty of his partner exposed through it.

It was beautiful. The rope, the moment, S.’s elegant stoicism, P.’s expression.

I’m pretty certain a friendship was made, and hopefully we will see them again soon.

<insert warm fuzzy emoticon here>

Girl suspended at Anatomie Studio
S. tied by Fred Hatt | Photo by P.

Anatomie Studio : one month in the making!

As some of you may know, we have opened Anatomie Studio in early June, and are proud to say it has surpassed our expectations! We would like to thank everyone for the support, either through messages, friendship, your presence, volunteering and/or donations. Because of you we have managed to just about break even, which is a lot more than we expected! It has been a lot of hard work, especially since we both have full-time day jobs, but thanks to everyone’s support it has been incredibly rewarding.

Suspended person at anatomie studio
MissBones in FredHatt’s rope at Anatomie Studio

For those of you who don’t know, Anatomie Studio is the name of our new space. It is a new 465 sq ft artistic space for creative photography, alternative arts and shibari-events in London. Opened as of June 2015, Anatomie aims to be an inclusive community-focused project, providing a clean and affordable venue for London’s artistic communities and beyond.

Anatomie hosts its own regular events, which include weekly shibari practice sessions. The studio is also available for hire for events, photography, art exhibitions and more.

Rope mesh at anatomie studio
At our Thursday Beginner-friendly Jam! We teach a class between 7:30-9pm every Thursday for total beginners.

On the website you will find information about our facilities, location, the activities that we run and a complete events calendar which includes all the major rope events in London (even those not taking place in the studio).

Feel free to message us for questions if you have any, or drop by our jams to discover what we do!

‘Bones and Rope Hip Harness’ taught for the first time at Hitchin’ Bitches April 18th

Hi all,

I’m very excited to be showing our hip harness at the next Hitchin’ Bitches in London on April 18th. We haven’t taught this harness before, so this is an opportunity for those who are familiar with the video to learn the logic and details of the tie 🙂

Rope: FredHatt // Model: Miss Bones // Photo: Agata Kulka
Rope: FredHatt // Model: Miss Bones // Photo: Agata Kulka

Here is the class description:

“For the April event our guest teacher will be MissBones, a London-based self-proclaimed rope-addict. Rope has been a large part of her life ever since meeting her partner FredHatt at a rope event two years ago, with whom she now runs Pop-up Rope Events and soon also Anatomie Studio. While MissBones is most often seen modelling in rope, she maintains an active role in developing some of the ties she and her partner use for performance and play. At this month’s Hitchin’ Bitches she’ll be teaching the ‘Bones and Rope Hip Harness’ which is a modular hip harness known best for its comfort in suspension and it’s ease of tying (the basic harness is just one rope!). As well as showing the original harness, MissBones will also show the new version which they used in their last BOUND performance and hasn’t been publicly taught before.”

Some information about Hitchin’ Bitches:

Hitchin’ Bitches is a female positive space for learning and practicing rope – they run a mixture of technical classes which teach more formal/structured ties, and also exercises to help you develop the way you tie, along with giving you free time to just practice. This is also a peer to peer learning event, so if you see someone tying something that you’d like to learn then (after they’re done with their scene!) ask them politely whether they’d be happy to show you how.

See you there!

Mini Rope Lab at KinkFest 2015

We have been invited to present a small rope class at KinkFest this year and we’re pretty excited. This will also be our first time attending KinkFest – a two day educational kink conference with workshops, performances, discussions, talks, play, and more – and judging by the programme, it sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

The event will take place on a weekend in July (Saturday 25th – Sunday 26th July) at Xtasia, Midlands UK. Tickets have almost sold out, but you can still get your hands on them before they go, here.

To read the full programme, you can follow this link here.

What will we be taking about? Well, lots of people ask us (and this is also something we see on a lot of online group threads) how many Shibari rope patterns there are out there, how to learn them, or how to achieve certain body positions using rope. In essence, the question boils down to: besides the TK, what else can you tie that is structural and fun? Or more simply… how do you build a tie? We think this topic can make up for fun and informative class, so we put something together. We hope it pleases 🙂

(Disclaimer: this class is not about suspension, it is going to be about building solid, structurally sound and functional rope ties suitable for your rope partner/s).


Mini Rope Lab: How to build a tie with FredHatt and MissBones

FredHatt and MissBones are both scientists and academics, hence the concept of a ‘Rope Lab’! As the name indicates, a Rope Lab is not simply about learning patterns but rather about understanding how ties work.

In this 90 minute mini Rope Lab we’ll go into ‘How to build a tie’. We’ll use the key components found in the TK (single column tie, munter hitches, lock offs, wrap tensioning etc) to freestyle a tie from scratch. We’ll demo how to do this first step-by-step with our favourite arm binder (this is a two-part arm binder with two different aesthetics, one in which the wrists are free, so this is a bit different from what you may be used to). Then, you’ll be able to come up with your own ties based on the rope structures you’re familiar with and we’ll help you develop them with you.

This class will be of interest to technically minded people who care about the “why” as well as the “how”. This should provide you with something to take home and have fun with.

You must at least know how to tie a TK2 as well as a safe single column tie. You’ll need a minimum of 4 7-8 meter natural fibre ropes.

What I liked about the 50 Shades of Grey movie (Yep, I said *liked*)


I’m going to be a bit subversive here and write about what I *liked* about the 50 Shades of Grey movie (not talking about the book here, just the movie), because there’s a lot of hate for it out there and most of it coming from people who haven’t seen the movie yet.

1. Consent. There was clearly work put into modifying the scenes from the book to put more emphasis on consent. The characters are actually smiling in alot of the ‘scenes’, Grey’s character always asks Ana if she is ok, if she wants it, if she wants him to continue etc, and Ana is much a stronger character than in the book. Although he clearly has issues, Grey’s character is not quite the controlling, manipulative man that he is in the books, they definitely toned that aspect down a lot.

2. Emphasis on female sexuality. There was clearly an emphasis on *her* sexual pleasure and experience which is refreshing to see in the big screen. There are 3 scenes (at least) where Grey goes down on Ana, and 0 where she goes down on him. There is equal amounts of nudity from both the male and female character. Also, she has a bit of a bush! (yay!)

3. Safe sex. That scene where he flips Ana around, is about to fuck her doggy style and rips the condom packet with his mouth…? that was cool.

4. Humour. It was funny. It’s a funny film! It’s silly and cheesy. Watching it in the movie theatre was a riot.

5. He stops when she says ‘no’. Not ‘red’, but ‘no’. Even though he has specifically asked her to use ‘red’, he responds to ‘no’ because he gets that this is her limit.

6. He only says ‘laters babe’ twice. No joke!

7. The ‘red room of pain’ is gorgeous, and I would like to play in it.

It’s not the best movie out there, but it’s not the worst either.

It’s definitely not the ‘abuse promoting’ monstrosity that most people think it is.

There was a visible effort to adapt the script as much as it could be adapted in order to portray BDSM in a positive light.


Rope Lab: South Coast Shibari Group!

Rope nerd time!

We’re so excited about this. We’re doing another Rope Lab session in April (Sunday April 26th 1-6pm), this time with the South Coast Shibari gang! We’re really humbled to have been invited by the lovely and bubbly and energetic human that is K. – one of the organisers and all around super-hero of the scene down there.

So what’s a rope lab and what will we be doing?

As you may know, we are both scientists and academics, hence the concept of a ‘Rope Lab’! As the name indicates, a Rope Lab is not simply about learning patterns but rather about understanding how the ties work. For each one of the ties we will explain the reasoning behind the structures and mechanics of how they work, as well as provide safety considerations and tips on how you can modify the ties to your partner’s body without compromising functionality.

This Rope Lab will be of interest to technically minded people who care about the “why” as well as the “how”. The day should provide you with something to take home and have fun with, while also acting as a solid base for attending many future workshops within the UK and Europe.

Okay! And what will we show exactly?

During this one day lab, we will will teach a series of chest harness variations that can be used as alternatives to the traditional TK. These ties will use the same frictions as found in many TKs so in order to participate you should at least know the basic pattern of a TK2 as well as a functional single column tie (does not tighten or collapse).

We will start by revising a simple TK2, and then we will use the building blocks of this to show you a few more ties:

– First, we will show you how to tie a simple and structurally sound hands-free chest harness,

– Then we will move on to a tie we like to call the ‘butterfly tie’ in which the hands lie folded next to the body,

– And third we will take you through our favourite arm binder which can be as mean or as gentle as you wish according to your partner’s flexibility. This is a two-part arm binder with two different aesthetics, one in which the wrists are free, so this is quite different from what you may be used to.

If there is time and interest, we will also take you through our ‘Bones and Rope’ hip harness. Our video is not a tutorial and doesn’t explain the logic and reasoning behind the tie, so they can cover that during this day, as well as variants that are not explored in the video.

Spaces are limited, so if you’re interested, let us know and we’ll direct you to the person taking the bookings!


Maltravers Social Club (upstairs)

Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex, BN17 5NA

Price: £60 per couple

MissBones & FredHatt

Thank you Glasgow!

We’re writing this on the train back from Glasgow after a fantastic evening of rope last night at Twisted. It was a short trip, we missed out on the 5 day workshop with Kinoko (time and money shortages..) but we were very lucky to have been invited up to perform along side Kinoko, Skinnyredhead and Wykd Dave & Clover.

The performances were nothing short of breathtaking. Wykd Dave & Clover were a pleasure to watch as always, we could watch them for hours, the rope, the movements, the smoothness of the rope handling, it’s like watching a dance. Just lovely.

Kinoko‘s performance was just utterly epic… He is well known for his modern style with the fast flashy ropes, and we had seen many of these videos online. What he had not witnessed was his more traditional style of rope performance, which is what he chose to present us with last night. It was simply stunning, his presence on stage, the intention with which he moved his rope and his model was simply inspiring. I think we both learned a lot just from watching that. Skinnyredhead was a great model and their interaction on stage worked really very well.

We were very nervous ourselves sharing the stage with these talented established performers but we were able to get through it and have fun on stage. FredHatt, to my utter delight agreed to wear his kilt, and I couldn’t resist wearing tartan patterned pants… ! 😉

There were no photos allowed at the event, but Jin Nawa the organiser from S.T.O.R.E. captured this teaser image from our show.

The venue was lovely and the people friendly, supportive and welcoming.

Thank you everyone!