Class List

Besides our foundation classes which include beginner ropes, introduction to the Takate Kote, ‘the Third Rope’ (introduction to the 3rd rope of the Takate Kote), ‘Fly’ (intro to suspension), we also have special classes on topics that we are particularly attracted to. Currently these include:

“The synergetic bottoming approach: do good models make good riggers? Or do good riggers make good models?” Best described as a bottoming class for riggers, or a rigging class for bottoms – this class is essentially a must for anyone interested in better bottoming and better rigging. Full of golden nuggets of wisdom to make your rope experience soar.

“Bones and Rope” Our ties, our shapes, our transition logics, our way!

“What makes a TK work?” An advanced class (mostly demo based, but also opportunities for hands-on) on the mechanics of the TK (stem/no stem, what are kannukis really for, what’s the deal with the third rope, what is a high hands TK, etc etc). Unapologetically technical and full of rope nerdery of the best kind.

“Flying on the ground: transitions on the floor” What it says: rope transitions but on the floor, using structural ties and using smart body manipulation to create shapes.

“Shapes” Usually 3 to 6 structural tied to create 3 different shapes. Technical, playful class. One of our most popular classes.

“Pleasure Neutral Rope: the subtle science of predicaments” Fred’s favourite class to teach ever. Predicaments galore, lots of suffering. Anna teaches how to read models and how to make predicaments worse (sorry models…).

“Fly More: Intro to Transitions” A really complete intro to transitions, technical class, but also playful. It’s not about learning specific transition sequences but breaking down transitions into elements (micro versus macro transitions, playing with levels, planning ‘escape plans’, blocking movement versus allowing movement, building in ‘pit stops’ etc etc). Lots of bottoming information too!

“50 fucked up things to do with a single column tie” All levels class, just with single column ties! We teach a myriad of interesting ways to use single column ties for pain, pleasure and play.