FredHatt has been playing around with rope since the age of 18, learning on his own from various books and internet resources. He started practicing shibari after attending his first Peer Rope London meet in February 2012. Rope became an important part of his life, and is how he met MissBones in May 2013.

He has learned, and continues to learn, from many friends and peers at various rope events in the UK and Europe, and has sought out tuition from various teachers in London and abroad (such as Kazami RankiOsaka DanMiumi-UWykD Dave & Clover, Pedro). He is constantly learning and has many more workshops and private tuition booked for 2015.

FredHatt is originally from Scotland and works as a full-time academic and researcher in Physics. A decade of sailing experience opened his mind to the fascinating world of knots and bends which he studied from various books as a teenager. Shibari is a fantastic medium to combine the technical aspects of rope with an artistic side not easily expressed in Physics academia.

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