In May 2013 MissBones met FredHatt at her first Peer Rope London event. They have been regular rope partners and romantic partners ever since. In 2013, she spent 3 month immersed in the Toronto rope scene where she learned a lot about bottoming in rope from various friends and peers. Since then, rope has become a genuine passion of hers. She is currently also learning how to tie, so she practices regularly and attends as many workshops in London as she can to further her knowledge (namely Otonawa, Kazami Ranki, and Osaka Dan).

While MissBones is most often seen modelling in rope, she maintains an active role in developing some of the ties she and her partner use for performance and play.

MissBones is Portuguese-Canadian, having grown up between Toronto, Montreal and Lisbon. She currently lives in London, holds a doctorate in Physical Anthropology.

To her, shibari is the perfect synthesis between artistry, academic intellectualism, body movement and emotional expression. She believes that because of its versatility, Shibari has the ability to appeal to a variety of tastes: whether it is the capacity for sexual expression that speaks to you, or the circusy and acrobatic aspects of rope movement, whether it is the technical aspects of knots that fascinate, or perhaps it is simply about creating pretty patterns on the skin. MissBones enjoys it all, and is always happy to discover what rope means to others.

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