Bones and Rope Hip Harness

… because what the world really needs right now is another bloody hip harness…!

We came up with this hip harness recently because we wanted a harness that allowed extremely dynamic positions and that wouldn’t restrict leg movement (particularly opening and closing). We played around with various ideas, and this is the result of our ‘research’, so we’re putting it out there for ‘peer review’ 🙂

We think this hip harness is:

  1. Versatile – there are two versions, with and without a hip line, both comfortable in suspension,
  2. Solid – doubling the rope at the front stem prevents the leg frictions and the waist friction from being able to slip in suspension,
  3. Comfortable – the leg frictions are towards the inside thigh, and the hip support rope doesn’t restrict leg movement (e.g. opening the legs). The hip support constitutes a ‘mesh’ at the back which offers extra support for the buttocks in a face-up position.

In version one of the tie (without hip support), the load is distributed between the leg loops and the waist wraps in suspension. To continue to version two of the tie (with hip support), back up until the point where you go through the bight of the first single column tie, and continue from there.


We’d be interested to know if others find it as comfortable as we do, so if you try it out, let us know what you think.

FredHatt & MissBones

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