A while back at Anatomie Studio tying for University of Arts London film students. Rope work by Anna Bones and photos by Alex.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhIZdC5Answ (trailer)
https://www.facebook.com/pg/EntityisUnmatter (facebook page)

“Unmatter” film screening, written and directed by Alexandra Iordache. Antiquity has a soul of its own, but when the intricacies of mechanics construct, by means of motion and sequencing, an interface to humanity, what does that entity communicate to us?

A short film born in the heart of Kempton Steam Museum’s triple expansion steam engine, featuring a breathtaking Shibari choreography. Screened once every hour.


Sky (Alexandra Skrebutite) – The universe and evershifting nature of the dark, atmospheric and theatrical art of Sky will be unleashed upon the viewers in an immersive and interactive installation of masks, sculptures, paintings, photographs and costumes. Both intimate and visually opulent, Sky’s work functions as a mechanism in perpetual motion.

Mircha Ivens – – https://mirchaivens.wordpress.com/

Mircha Ivens’s art is concerned with that very power of subjectivity and its influence on the spaces, objects or environments that we or others inhabit in these paintings. This observation leads to the peculiar and uneasy manifestations of the familiar to become an estranged and ominous presence that overflows into the everyday. Unknown but felt through the easy swing of a train where the metal does its everyday job or the structure of an enclosed bed where your lover remains trapped in a transcendental pyramid of love.


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