Past Workshops given:

Rope Lab, South Coast Shibari Group (May 2015)

Rope Lab: South Coast Shibari Group (April 26th)

Hitchin’ Bitches London (April 18th)

Rope Lab, Edinburgh (October 2014)

Past Performances:

BOUND July 3rd, 2015 Shibari night @The Flying Dutchman (July 3rd)

Club Rub – Oriental (March 21st)

BOUND March 6, 2015 Shibari night @The Flying Dutchman (March 6th)

Twisted: An intimate evening of rope performance and art (January 2015)


BOUND Shibari Night at the Flying Dutchman (November 2014)

MBE Pre-party Salon at the Toronto Kinbaku Salon (October 2014)

Morpheous Bondage Extravaganza Toronto (October 2014)

BOUND Shibari Night at the Flying Dutchman (June 2014)

BOUND Shibari Night at the Flying Dutchman (November 2013)

‘Ropen Mic’ Night at the Flying Dutchman (November 2013)

Past Workshops Attended:

•• BOUND // PuRE •• Weekend Workshop •• (July Edition) with… Pedro! (July 4th & 5th 2015)

Shibari Master Class – Yagami Ren & Gorgone (March 26-29, FredHatt tying)

•• BOUND // PuRE •• Weekend Workshop •• (March Edition) with… Miumi-U! (March 7th & 8th 2015, FredHatt tying)

Introduction to Japanese Rope Bondage with Miumi-U (December 2nd 2014, FredHatt & MissBones tying)

A Day with Gestalta: tying your partner, not a partner‘ (November 2014, FredHatt & MissBones tying)

Barkas & Hishi Karo 3 day workshop (November 2014, FredHatt tying)

Akira Naka Workshop Madrid (November 2014, FredHatt tying)

Viciens Taka one day workshop London (June 2014, FredHatt tying)

‘An Evening with Miumi-U’ (May 2014, FredHatt & MissBones tying)

Kazami Ranki 2 day workshop (April 2014, MissBones tying)

Kazami Ranki 5 day workshop in Paris (April 2014, FredHatt tying)

Ottonawa 2 day workshop at the Flying Dutchman (November 2013, FredHatt & MissBones tying)

One day master class with Dr Phil (December 2012, FredHatt tying)

Partial suspension class with Esinem (September 2012, FredHatt tying)

Private Tuition:

– FredHatt –

Pedro (July 2015)

Miumi-U (April 2015)

Osaka Dan (April 2015)

Pedro (November 2014)

Osaka Dan (October 2014)

Wykd Dave (August 2014)

Kazami Ranki (May 2013 & April 2014)

Nina Russ (November 2013)

Esinem (April 2013 & October 2013)

– MissBones –

Osaka Dan (October 2014)

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